Neil Hunt - Toastmaster and MC

Neil Hunt (Redtails 1)
The Toastmaster for all Occasions

Neil with Bride and Groom

Weddings (Anniversaries & Private Celebrations)

A wedding is the most important event in anyone's life; it therefore makes sense to give the occasion the touch of class it deserves.

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Neil and Ambassador of Ireland

Corporate Awards, Banquets & Conferences

Neil has been proud to officiate at hundreds of corporate events in some amazing venues, and as well as being a familiar face in London’s top banqueting establishments, he has officiated at Awards Ceremonies, Banquets and Conferences in UK, throughout Europe, in New York.

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Neil and Princess Anne

Royal, Civic & Livery functions

Throughout his career Neil has officiated at many formal events and has had the honour to work in the presence of Royalty, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors and High Commissioners etc.

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Neil watching Henry Cooper

Club Dinners, Institutions & Masonics

Any event appertaining to a Club, established Institution (or a even a new product), requires a tactful approach, this is where Neil’s experience can prove beneficial.

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Neil with Representative of Taiwan

Diplomatic & International Trade Receptions

Neil Hunt is a distinguished Toastmaster and MC, who has introduced a fresh and modern approach to the traditional role of the Toastmaster.

His dynamic and interesting method of delivery meets the needs of today’s clients and audiences; in fact one of Neil’s clients has dubbed his presentation skills as “Style with a Smile”.


The wedding is one of the most important events in anyone’s life; it therefore makes sense to enhance it, by adding the ‘touch of class’ it deserves.

Over the years Neil's friendly and professional know-how has impressed hundreds of newly-weds and their guests, he has developed a fresh and modern approach to the traditional role of the toastmaster, bringing it neatly in-line with 21st century requirements. In fact one of Neil’s clients has dubbed him: “Style with a Smile.”

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Corporate Events

Over the years Neil has officiated at many important events where he has introduced a whole host of VIP’s, including members of the Royal Family, Captains of Industry, Show Business personalities, Ambassadors; High Commissioners etc.

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Voice Over Artist & Compere

In addition to working in front of an audience, Neil provides a Voice Over service for all eventualities, such as Awards ceremonies; Fashion shows etc. On these occasions Neil remains out of sight of the audience and is usually positioned with the production crew or back-stage.

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After Dinner Speaker

Many people are not aware that prior to training as a Toastmaster, Neil was a Commercial Diver whose work included salvage in the River Thames, construction and maintenance in the Middle East and in the notorious North Sea Oilfields.

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